Batman Superman #3 Review

batmansupermanSo far, Batman Superman has been a flip flop series for me. At first, I simply didn’t find myself enjoying it. The second issue was a redemption of sorts. The story seemed to pick itself up from off the ground while the art was unfathomably good. With issue number three, I find myself in the same boat as I found myself with issue number one, which is confounding.

With the last issue being so great, I was simply excited to realize that the series was going to be in my pull this week. Unfortunately, this issue came out this week, which is confounding in and of itself.

The writing of this issue was disjointed, hard to read, and completely unbelievable even given that this is a comic book. “AHA”. “psh”. What?!? Reading this issue was more of a chore than anything else. Much like the first issue, I came away thinking that this comic just might not be for me. And much like the first issue, Jae Lee isn’t featured throughout the book.

Splitting his art duties with the more than competent Yildiray Cinar, Jae Lee proves once again that he is a unique artist. But this time around, his art isn’t really as good as it was last issue. Where I may have not seen it before, backgrounds seem to disappear completely in certain scenes. Sometimes it makes sense; sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, his art simply wasn’t on par to where it was last issue. Cinar’s art, on the other hand, while great in its own right, was such a stark contrast to Lee’s art that it seemed too abrupt and intrusive for my own liking.

Understandably so, Cinar’s art was shown exclusively in flashbacks that featured both a young Bruce Wayne and a young Clark Kent interacting with each other in a way that is utterly laughable. The premise behind this encounter is cheap and comparatively elementary given the story that we are being fed.

All this may turn out to be purposeful as (spoilers….) Darkseid is introduced as an antagonist. Still, I can’t help but feel utterly confused as to what is going on here. The writing was so off that I wonder if that had an affect on the art. I simply don’t know. What I do know is that this issue was a huge disappointment given what we had last month.

Score: 5.9




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