End of Tokyo Ghost – The Pull – 8-31-16

Any time the Silver Surfer comes out, I am a happy man. Over the past couple of years, this title has been utterly fantastic. Dan Slott and Michael Alred have put together one of the

Trees are Back – The Pull – 2016-08-03

It has been a long, long time since one of my favorite new series has had a release. Warren Ellis and Jason Howard are finally returning with a new installment of Trees. Though a slow

The biggest comic convention of the year that barely has anything to do with comic anymore is upon us. San Diego Comicon is here! I can’t wait to hear all the exciting news about the

Surfing – The Pull – 7-6-16

Few books are coming out that can match the wonder of Dan Slott and Michael Alred’s current Silver Surfer run. Silver Surfer hasn’t traditionally had amazing runs. The epic character is understandably difficult to write.

Slimming Down The Pull – 6-15-16

Rebirth is in full swing as is this hot, hot summer. It seems like we get a reboot just about every year between Marvel and DC. Getting a chance to fix all the things that went

Ant-Man is Awesome – The Pull – 5-18-16

Ant-Man is awesome. There, I said it. Who would have thought that this character would be so relevant in 2016? With the fantastic Captain America Civil War, we saw Ant-Man at his best. As a

Fix – The Pull – 5-1-16

Superior Foes of Spider-Man is one of my all time favorite comic books. Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber pulled off what is arguably one of the best heist/comedy comic books of all time. Who would’ve

Summer Is Nigh – The Pull – 4-27-16

The summer is nigh and I can’t wait! Kansas City’s biggest comic convention is right around the corner and I am super excited. I mentioned before that Planet Comicon, the aforementioned convention, has been getting

Another Simple Pull – 4-20-16

Again, just a simple pull list this week. Every Man needs a vacation! Injustice Gods Among Us Year Five #8 Huck #6 Astonishing Ant-Man #7 Howard The Duck #6  

The Pull – 4-13-16

Just a list this time: Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #5 Amazing Spider-Man #10 Darth Vader #19 Silver Surfer #3