Batman_3The biggest comic convention of the year that barely has anything to do with comic anymore is upon us. San Diego Comicon is here! I can’t wait to hear all the exciting news about the upcoming comic-related TV shows and movies. In particular, I am super excited to hear more about Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series’ Luke Cage and The Punisher. Marvel is on a roll with these series and what Jessica Jones and Daredevil set up makes me more excited for these spin-off characters. Hell, I would be super excited to hear about a new Jessica Jones season.

On the DC front, I am a little worried. Their new Cinematic Universe has gotten off to a rough start. Here’s to hoping that Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman can turn things around. And the rumors of the new BatFlek movie taking place in Arkham Asylum shines more light on the state of the DCU. Hopefully more news on that will come out of this convention.

One of these days I hope to make it to San Diego for this. Until then, I’ll be reading these books this week:

Batman #3

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Five #14

Lazarus #23

Ant-Man #10

Until next time!


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