Breaking Bad Series Finale Review

SPOLIERS Well, it’s all over. I warned you before, spoilers abound, so you have been warned. Walt is dead and Jesse is free. Everything is done and I couldn’t be more happy with the way

Breaking Bad – Granite State Review

SPOILERS This is it. This is the end. Here we go. Never discount Walt’s intelligence. Just when you thought that he finally melted down on the phone with Skyler, you realize that everything he said,

Breaking Bad – Ozymandias Review

SPOILERS Now we only have two more to go before it is all over. Sad, isn’t it? Well, let’s dig in. If there is one adjective that has been thrown about more than any other

Sons of Anarchy – Season 6 Premiere Review

SPOILERS AHEAD A lot happened last season. Hell, with this show a lot happens every season. Just to get our ducks in a row, here is a brief recap of what happened last season: Jax

Breaking Bad – To’hajiilee Review

Well, my last two Breaking Bad reviews garnered 10s. The latter part of season 5 has been nothing short of spectacular. What a great series. Last week we saw quite a bit. Mainly, Jesse had

Breaking Bad – Rabid Dog Review

SPOILERS “Mr.White, he’s the devil.” -Jesse Last week’s episode showed TV at its absolute finest. This week? We see the series continue on its path of greatness. We last left off with Jesse finally putting

Breaking Bad – Confessions Review

SPOILERS There is no better way to begin this review than by simply saying WOW! I think that this was the best episode that I have seen throughout the entire series. We are 5 seasons

Breaking Bad – Buried Review

SPOILERS The last episode of Breaking Bad proved that the show is set to go out with a bang. This episode, Buried, rolls right along with that state of mind. We start off the episode

Clear History – Movie Review

I have mixed feelings about Clear History.  On the one hand, I am happy that we get more Larry David. On the other, I am disappointed that it isn’t Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Still, we get

Breaking Bad – Blood Money Review

The second half of the final season of Breaking Bad picks up exactly where we left off.  Kind of.   With direct parallels to the beginning of the season, Walter White is bearded with a