Breaking Bad – Buried Review


Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 11.08.40 PMThe last episode of Breaking Bad proved that the show is set to go out with a bang. This episode, Buried, rolls right along with that state of mind.

We start off the episode with our usual pre-title scene. Foreshadowing what is to come next, Jesse’s lone scenes in this episode serve as bookends this time around. We see an old man picking up the wads of money that Jesse threw out of his car in paperboy fashion. The trail of money literally leads to Jesse laying down on a merry-go-round spinning himself around in a daze. Jesse is in a bad place mentally. He doesn’t utter a word.

Last episode’s face-off between Walt and Hank was what brought it over the top. We see the immediate repercussions of this with Walt leaving the garage. What ensues from here on out is sheer intensity.

Immediately after leaving Hank’s garage, Walt calls who he has to first, Skyler, only to find out that she is already on the phone with a prodding Hank. Everyone involved in this story is in desperate and scary place. The tension that comes about as a result is as tight as a guitar string ready to snap in half.

Meeting up with Skyler in a diner, Hank shows what appears to be sympathy for his sister in law. Hank attempts to have Skyler record a statement incriminating Walt. Scared for her own good, Skyler refuses and questions Hank’s loyalty to her own good. It becomes obvious throughout the episode that despite Walt disclosing who he really is, Hank really has very little to go on when it comes to implicating Walt. Furthermore, Hank is staring down the end of his career by having to admit to the DEA that the very person that he has been obsessive over bringing in to justice is his own brother in law.

Hank knows that Walt is Heisenberg, but figuring out how to prove it is not going to be a walk in the park. All the while, Walt is in a mad scramble to cover up as much as he can before he is eventually given up. Hiding his mass of money in a desert, Walt returns home exhausted and convinced that his wife gave him up. She never did.

In this episode, we see what is easily the most intense and emotional scene so far since last week: Skyler and her sister, Marie, confronting each other. After Hank ostensibly tells his wife what is going on with the Whites, Marie shows up at Skyler’s house with some questions. It is here where we see some great acting. Both actresses deserve to be commended for what they did here. Figuring out how much Skyler has been privy to with Walt’s ongoings, Marie is distraught and attempts to leave with Skyler’s infant daughter. This scene was uncomfortable and intense. You felt for all parties involved. Eventually Marie had to succumb to Skyler at Hank’s behest.

We end things this week with Jesse in an interrogation room being questioned by the authorities. Not a word is spoken by him as Hank shows up. It’s obvious that Jesse has given up. But has he given up enough to give up Walt? We will have to wait another week until we see where this goes. If recent history proves us right, we will start off next episode right here.

We still have six episodes to go before all is said and done and things seem to be moving at breakneck pace. When will Hank come clean to the DEA? Will Skyler break despite showing an unusual willingness to help Walt? There are so many questions that need answered and waiting is going to kill me.

Score: 9.5 

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