The Pull – 8-21-13

mar130560Here is my pull for this week (I’ll end up getting more when I get in the store as I always do):

Superman Unchained #3

Chin Music #2

Avengers #18

Daredevil #30

Superior Spider-Man #16

X-Men #4

So I remember back in the day when there was a comic book called Chin Music. It came out and it was pretty good, but it didn’t make it past issue #1. Oh wait, we’re getting an issue #2? Yup. Chin Music is set for this week. I think I’m excited to read it. I’m going to have to dig up and dust off the first issue for a refresher before diving into #2.

Oh yeah, any week that has Daredevil coming out is a great week in my book. And Chris Samnee is coming back too! With Silver Surfer? Um…yup. All the better. And here is something I don’t quite understand: is Daredevil coming out twice a month but not bi-weekly? I don’t know what the release schedule is for this book, but if I am getting to read it more than once a month you won’t see me complaining.

And on the subject of getting to read a book more than once a month, we have a new Superior coming out too. Spider-Man hasn’t been so good in a long time. So Superior, so better. Also, why am I not so excited about Superman Unchained?


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