Breaking Bad – Rabid Dog Review


“Mr.White, he’s the devil.” -Jesse

Last week’s episode showed TV at its absolute finest. This week? We see the series continue on its path of greatness.

We last left off with Jesse finally putting things together and figuring out that Walt was the force behind the ricin poisoning of his girlfriend’s son. In a fit of rage, Jesse is determined for revenge as he begins to douse the inside of Walt’s home with gasoline. This is just about exactly where we begin this episode.

I say “just about”  because we see Walt enter the house planning on finding Jesse, after all, Jesse’s car is precariously parked on Walt’s lawn. It appears that Jesse had a change of mind. Yes, I said, it “appears” so. What we see next is Walt continue to try to hide his misgivings with Jesse by lying to Skyler about the smell of gasoline in the house. His thinly veiled lies may work on everyone else in his life, but Skyler can see right through him.

Cranston’s acting is wonderful. His way of conveying those thinly veiled lies to Skyler is brilliant. Where he can appear utterly scary in some scenes, he can appear to be a buffoon in others. All believably so.

Now before I go on, I just want to get this out of the way: this episode is intense. Everyone is on the top of their game here. Being cornered into a tough spot, Saul Goodman’s attempt to convince Walt to kill Jesse brings out the monster in Walt.

Breaking-Bad-5x12-Rabid-Dog-2And now, Walt’s reluctance to put down Jesse “like a dog” is somewhat surprising given Walt’s demeanor as of late. There is something about Jesse that Walt simply can not live without. Perhaps it is a guilt that Walt feels in getting Jesse involved in this in the first place. Or perhaps it is because Jesse chose to leave the life only to have Walt bring him down as he gets caught himself. Either way, Walt has a love for Jesse. This is setting things up for some crazy scenarios here. Jesse can not take any more and wants to bring Walt down. Walt has come to love Jesse. Meanwhile, even Skyler is suggesting that Walt kill Jesse. As I said, this is intense.

And let us not forget about Hank. Determined himself to put Walt away, he has been following Jesse…straight to Walt’s house. Which brings us back around to the beginning. Hank convinced Jesse to not burn Walt’s house down and to find a better way of getting back at Walt.

As is expected, I just can’t help but think about how everything is simply coming apart at the seams. Walt’s mal-doings are simply tearing the lives of his family apart. Even Marie continues on her downward spiral by confessing to her therapist that she wants to kill Walt. Makes you think, Walt is the devil right? At least one person thinks so.

Which brings us around to a very strange, a very intense conclusion. Jesse is convinced to wear a wire in an attempt to implicate Walt. Who would have thought it’d come to this? After taping a confession of his own revealing all, Jesse must confront Walt face to face, with that wire to gain some physical evidence implicating Walt.

In a scene that is weird and disturbing, wired up Jesse begins to approach Walt in a public location. Completely freaked out that Walt has hired someone to assassinate him, Jesse is skittish at best. He ends up calling Walt from a nearby pay-phone leveling threats at Walt that ultimately convinces Walt that he has to put Jesse down…like a dog. Calling Todd, Walt begins the process. Who’s blood is that on Todd’s uncle’s shoe at the beginning of last episode? Is it the the opposing meth dealers that Todd murdered with his uncle, or is it Jesse’s?

Intense is a great word for this episode.

Score: 10.0

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