Comic Reviews – 8-28-13

detailHere are my reviews for this week:

Batman Superman #3 – 5.9

Injustice Gods Among Us #8 – 9.4

Larfleeze #3 – 8.0

Lazarus #3 – 8.9

Thanos Rising #5 – 8.9

Uncanny X-Men #11 – 7.5

Lots of really good books this week.  Unexpectedly good for that matter. Let me start with the disappointments this week.

Batman Superman was really upsetting. I was so looking forward to reading this issue after what I read last month. The story seemed to pick up after the first issue while Jae Lee’s art was phenomenal. Both facets of this week’s book took a huge step back. My biggest qualm, however, was the writing. Having multiple Batmans and Supermans involved in the story was confusing enough. The dialogue did little to help me distinguish what was going on while the art’s lack of backgrounds didn’t help either. I will see this arc to the end, then I will plan on evaluating whether to continue on from there.

While a step up from two weeks ago, I am finding Uncanny X-Men to be less and less of a draw for me. I  can’t wait for Bachelo to regain control of the art in this book, or anybody else for that matter. Frazer is a great, talented artist, I just believe he belongs somewhere else besides here. It just doesn’t work.

Now the two highlights of the week: Injustice #8 and Thanos Rising #5. Starting off with Injustice, I can’t say that I have been anything but pleasantly surprised with the quality of the book. I am enjoying it better than its video game counterpart at this point. It’s just nice and refreshing to be able to read a book in the DC universe that has no bearing in the New 52 continuity. The creators are freed up to do as they please and that makes for great story.

Which brings me to my book of the week: SURPRISE!!! Thanos Rising #5 takes the top spot here. So many people were down on this mini-series and may have given up. I enjoyed every issue of the book. I will admit, I did question the intentions of the creators when they initially portrayed a young Thanos as a sniveling little boy. The best part about the series is that it got darker and darker with each subsequent issue. And it got better and better as a result. That sniveling little boy became a monster by the end of the series. The journey there was great. It is totally worth the read.

Well, next week is DC’s villains month so we have that to look forward to. I’ll post my pull later on, though.

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