Breaking Bad – Ozymandias Review


Now we only have two more to go before it is all over. Sad, isn’t it? Well, let’s dig in.

If there is one adjective that has been thrown about more than any other when talking about these last episodes, it is the word “intense”. The same applies with this episode. I mean, we left off last week in the middle of a gun fight in the desert. Just when Hank thinks that he has Walt “Dead to rights” it turns out that Todd and his uncle’s crew were on their way, guns in hand. What happens next is shear intensity, more than you probably ever have seen on TV and likely more than you will see in the future. Well, except for the last two episodes of the series.

Now let’s just get this out of the way, in a scene of sheer brutality, Hank is shot in the head and killed. Despite Walt’s pleas, he can’t stop Todd’s uncle from assassinating his brother-in-law. And thus the tone is set for the rest of the episode, and believe you, me, it doesn’t let up.

If you are anything like me, your heart was pounding from beginning to end while watching. I mean, what is Walt to do now that Hank is gone? And with Marie knowing that Hank was arresting Walt, there really is no where to go and nothing to do except for fleeing. Which is exactly what Walt intends to do after what went down at the desert.

In a twist that I really didn’t see coming, Jesse’s life was spared in the desert despite Walt giving the go ahead to off him. Apparently Todd is able to convince his uncle to keep him alive to give them more information on what Jesse told Hank, and cleverly enough, to get Jesse to participate in that one last cook, you know, just to make sure the secret recipe is up to par. Chained to a railing on a lab like a prisoner, Jesse knows that this is the end of the line. And seeing a picture of his girlfriend and her son posted up on the wall taunting him is all the worse. Especially after Walt tells Jesse what he did. This entire scene is eery as hell. The music was unnerving and Todd’s casual demeanor throughout this scene is scary to say the least. Yikes!

Todd is stone cold while showing some sort of emotion. This kid is hard to read. Simply put, he is one of the best characters that the series has.

Breaking-bad-21-550x366All of this went down and we are only halfway through the episode. Marie ends up confronting Skyler at the carwash and convinces her to not only give up all of the “confession” DVDs, but to tell her son Walt Jr. (or Flynn) everything that has happened. And yes, she does exactly that. Completely taken by surprise, Flynn is dumbfounded.

Walt finds his way home and is hell bent on getting himself and his family out of Dodge with the barrel of money that Todd’s uncle so graciously left for him. And thus begins the last thread; the beginning of the end (well, this whole second half of the season was the beginning of the end, but you know what I mean). In this scene, Skyler finds out that something terrible has happened to Hank and because of Walt. Suspecting that Walt killed Hank, she finally snaps as she pulls out a knife on him.

What happens here is heart wrenching and heart pounding.  In a physical struggle with Skyler, Flynn has to jump in to stop things from getting completely out of hand. At this point, Flynn calls the cops and Walt finally snaps himself. He leaves taking Holly with him. Whoa.

We see Walt with his daughter in a heartbreaking scene. Holly, just a baby, seems completely scared of her father, just like the rest of his family. “Say Daddy,” says Walt only to hear her say “Momma.”

We leave everything with a phone call that will go down in infamy. It’s hard to say that Walt has lost it because he kind of already has since the beginning. But really, with this phone call, you get the feeling that he has went completely bonkers. With the police in the house with Skyler, Marie, and Flynn, he talks to Skyler and completely decimates her verbally.

He says that he still has things left to do and hangs up.  He ends up leaving his daughter at a fire station and makes his way to the pick up spot that Jesse went to when he was told to go on the run himself a couple episodes back.

What is Hank’s undone business? Is it dealing with Todd and his uncle? I don’t know, but whatever it is, it will be completely crazy.

Now I can’t sit here and say that this episode wasn’t a pure masterpiece because it was. The acting was top notch, the sound was spectacular, and the writing speaks for itself. Two more to go, huh? I might have a heart attack watching this show.

Score: 10.0

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