The Pull – 9-18-13

jul130670Every week we see a new batch come out. What a great medium. This week is gearing up to be great too. With Grand Theft Auto V coming out on Tuesday and my Chiefs playing on Thursday, this week is CRAZY! Here’s what I’m getting:

Batman 23.3

Swamp Thing 23.1

Daredevil #31

Infinity #3

Superior Spider-Man #18

Superior Carnage #3

Uncanny X-Men #12

Any week that Daredevil comes out is a great week. And that, folks, is the comic that I am most looking forward to reading this week. I feel like I have been waiting for months for this issue. Especially since it seemed like we were getting the comic bi-weekly a month back. We had Chris Samnee back last issue too, and it looks like we are getting him again this week. This is now on the top of my read first list overthrowing Superior Spidey.

Speaking of the Superior Spider-Man, we are getting another issue with Stegman on pencils, which despite not appearing to be quite up to his normal level last issue, I am still excited. He is an amazing artist that belongs on this series. I honestly think that the unevenness of his art last issue was more of a product of the inker and colorer than anything else, but I can’t say for sure.

Artists are really important, which brings me to another one of my must read comics: Uncanny X-Men. Finally Chris Bachalo is back! And we get to see Battle of the Atom continue on with young Jean Grey and Cyclops meeting up with the elder Cyclops and his Uncanny team. I have said this before, Battle of the Atom is great. Buy it. Read it. You’ll enjoy it.

In the DC world, we continue on with Villains month. I haven’t been too impressed thus far, but I am still enjoying it. Swamp thing is going to be my first non-Batman title this month, so I’m looking forward to reading that. Oh yeah, I don’t care what anyone out there says, those covers look pretty damn cool.

I guess I’ll leave off on a lower note since I started off so high. Superior Carnage is arguably the worst book I have been reading lately. I really don’t want to continue reading it, it’s been that bad. I kind of feel obligated to finish the story because it is only five issues. I guess I’ll make that call when I’m at the shop on Wednesday.

Happy reading.


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