Comic Reviews – 9-11-13

BM_23-2-Riddler_wo0m3ao5a3_Great comic week. Here are my ratings and comments:

Star Wars #9 – 8.4

Batman 23.2 – 8.0

Walking Dead #114 – 8.9

Avengers #19 – 8.6

Mighty Avengers #1 – 6.0

X-Men #5 – 7.9

Where to begin. Let’s talk Avengers. Avengers proper was a great read. I admit that this is a series that I have not read at all since Marvel Now began. Picking up with the Infinity event, I am left a bit confused by a few things as Hickman is a complex writer. That aside, I feel like I am given enough to make sense out of things. The overarching story is compelling and epic while the moment to moment action is simply great. This is a series that I am glad I am now reading. I am also glad that I am a Marvel Unlimited subscriber, which means that I can go back to the beginning and read from issue number one. I explained here how much I love Marvel’s Unlimited app despite some shortcomings.

Staying on the topic of Avengers, we have this troublesome book called Mighty Avengers. How excited was I to read a new Avengers book with Superior Spider-Man in it only to find out that the book was completely uneven in its delivery. I just wasn’t sure if this book was trying to be a funny new title in the vein of Hawkeye or Superior Foes or something more serious. Whatever the writer was trying to do was simply not clear. Add to the fact that the story really wasn’t that compelling to begin with makes it even more worrisome. I hope it gets better.

Next, I want to briefly hit on the subject of X-Men’s Battle of the Atom. Now here we have a story that I can get behind. Brian Michael Bendis can tell a great comic book story. Get on this train while you can.

Then we move on to Batman’s next entry in Villains Month. Focusing on the Riddler, this issue is better than last week’s Joker story, which was strange to say the least. At this point, I’m not too sure if I’m a fan of Villains month in general. Sure, it is nice to have a month of something different, but the execution seems a bit off. But then again, I can only speak for the Batman series as that is all I have been reading so far. I could be totally wrong here.

Finally, we have my book of the week: The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman isn’t letting up at all with this series leading up to All Out War. This issue is proof as to why this series has become such a staple in pop-culture. Negan is as compelling a villain as there ever was, while Rick is still struggling to get things straightened out for the people that he is leading. Oh yeah, we have a pet tiger mauling baddies. This book is awesome.


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