Mighty Avengers #1 Review

Mighty-Avengers-hedWhat an odd comic this is.  Mighty Avengers is a new spinoff as a result of the current Infinity storyline going on across the Avengers books. What we see here is…quite strange?

The Avengers have all but abandoned the earth to battle in space leaving the planet virtually un-protected. Thanos, ever the opportunist, is taking this chance to do what he wants to earth. And who do we have to protect the earth from Thanos? The Mighty Avengers, of course!

Luke Cage is back in action again leading another team of Heroes for Hire. They happen to run across the Superior Spider-Man who somehow finds a way to convince Cage to give up being a mercenary and to perform his hero duties for the sake of just helping people out. Assembling a new team of “Avengers” Cage recruits Light (now dubbed “Spectrum”), Superior Spidey, and a new, mysterious man in an off colored Spider-Man uniform  known only as “Spider Hero”. We leave this issue with this new team being presumably the only thing between Thano’s forces and New York.

Now here is the problem with this book: it doesn’t know what it is trying to be. At points you feel like the writer, Al Ewing, is hell bent on delivering a serious story. At others, Ewing attempts to insert quirky humor reminiscent of Hawkeye and Superior Foes of Spider-Man. The thing is is that the latter two books know what they are trying to accomplish and they stick with that tone. Mighty Avengers seems like it just can’t make a commitment, leaving the dialogue uneven, weirdly paced, and just strange.

The art is ok. Not great by any means, but just ok. It is passable and that’s about all I have to say about that. What you see on the cover of this one is a great example of what you’ll see inside.

Maybe this book will come into itself after a few issues. I really hope so because seeing Superior Spidey in a new book had me excited. Quite frankly, though, I just don’t see this book lasting that long.

Score: 6.0 

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