X-Men #5 Review

XMEN2013005-DC11-LR-8ed9aLet’s get this out of the way, this issue of X-Men is 100% a part of the current Battle of the Atom event currently going on. Meaning, if you haven’t read the first two issues in this arc that live outside of this book, then you are going to be lost. The event has been good so far, so I suggest picking up those books and getting up to speed.

That out of the way, this issue of X-Men is good. It serves as a good bridge and next step to the event. We see young Jean and young Cyclops continue to run away from the X-Men chasing them and continue to run away from being forced to go back to the past. Now why they don’t want to go back to their real time after realizing the implications of staying in the present time is beyond me. I do realize that they are kids, but still, if the world’s existence is on your shoulders and you know how to fix it, why wouldn’t you?

As Cyclops and Jean are pursued, they find themselves cornered only to be helped by Kitty and Rachel. Making their escape, they make a decision to go to the one person that they know would be on their side, present day Cyclops. Now this is pretty cool. Knowing that his future self has gone loco, young Cyclops almost has no choice but to ask for the help of the Uncanny X-Men. This really gets me excited for next weeks Uncanny. Seeing how these two act with one another is going to be fun to read.

This issue was good. It moves the event along nicely, but that’s about it. If you don’t care to read the other X-Books in this event, you might consider skipping this issue as it really just comes in the middle of a story that this run of X-Men had absolutely nothing to do with. The next issue is also going to be a part of this arc, and ultimately the rest of the series is going to deal with the ramifications of what happens here. It kind of sucks, but you might as well just buy all in here.

But as I said, Battle of the Atom has been good, so pick all of them up and have fun.


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