Breaking Bad Series Finale Review

Breaking BadSPOLIERS

Well, it’s all over. I warned you before, spoilers abound, so you have been warned.

Walt is dead and Jesse is free. Everything is done and I couldn’t be more happy with the way things ended.

At this point, it’s clear that Walt is dead set on getting things straightened out before he ultimately dies, even if that means people need to die. Remember that huge gun he bought at the beginning of episode number 9? You guessed it, that returns, but we’ll get to that later.

Starting off, we see Walt in a stolen car, freezing in the area of his hideout. In a stunning show of irony, he prays to God to just let him get home as the police appear to confront him. His prayer seems to work as the squad car, blue and red flashers on, passes him by. Thus begins the end.

In an effort to get his dirty money to his family, Walt visits his old business partner and his wife (you remember, the multi-million dollar business that Walt left before it hit big) and levies a threat against their life if they do not gift his son all the money that he has left, about 9 million dollars, in the form of a trust fund. Apparently, he has two elite hit men pointing guns with laser sights at the couple.  In a funny twist, these elite hit men turn out to be Skinny Pete and Badger. A masterful stroke that worked.

We see Walt make his rounds, visiting all the people one last time before things go down. Skyler? Yes, he says his peace with her and gives her the lottery ticket with the GPS coordinates of Hank’s body. This scene in particular turns out to be more heartwarming than expected as Hank gives his daughter, Holly, one last embrace. Seeing Walt, frail and withered due to his illness and stress, was profound.

We see Walt visit Todd and Lydia in the coffee shop, which ultimately ended with Lydia predictably drinking her ricen-laden tea. She’s checked off his list. One last thing to take care of, Uncle Jack and his Aryan Brotherhood gang.

Breaking-Bad-515-WaltIn a masterstroke, Walt takes that huge gun I mentioned earlier and rigs it to shoot out of his trunk with a press of a key fob. Next stop is the neo-nazi club house where Walt comes as close as ever to being shot in the head before somehow convincing Uncle Jack to show him Jesse to prove that he is not partnered up with him. Eye to eye, Walt tackles Jesse to the ground and hits the button. Everyone is dead except for Walt, Jesse, and Todd. Realizing that he is finally free, Jesse strangles Todd to death with the very chains that Todd put on him. The satisfaction that Jesse got from this action was something that Jesse deserved.

Walt and Jesse are now alone together. Walt gives the gun to Jesse, giving him the choice to pull the trigger and kill him. Jesse doesn’t oblige. Instead he drops the gun and tells Walt that if he wants to die, he should do it himself. This is after seeing Walt has already been shot by his own bullet from the trunk of his car. Jesse leaves and jets out in an El Camino leaving Walt to himself.

In THE final scene, Walt is by himself in the meth lab that he built. Reminiscing over his time in this business in a proud manner, he passes out and dies from the gunshot wound just as the police arrive.

Now what can I say now that everything is done? Am I happy with the way it ended? You bet. Everything that needed to be answered was taken care of. We have a finality that does not need to be expanded upon. There is no Sopranos “make it up yourself” ending. We actually got an ending which is exactly what I wanted. The book is closed, Walt is dead, Jesse is free and it’s all over.

Brilliant episode, brilliant series, brilliant everything.

Score: 9.5 


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