Comic Reviews – 9-25-13

300px-Superior_Spider-Man_Team-Up_Vol_1_3Tons of comics this week. And this was a great week at that.

Batman Superman 3.1 – 7.5

Injustice Gods Among Us #9 – 8.0

Wake #4 – 8.8

Jupiter’s Legacy #3 – 9.0

Sex Criminals #1 – 8.6

Avengers #20 – 8.2

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 – 7.5

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #3 – 8.0

Wolverine and the X-Men #36 – 7.8

This was a better week than anticipated. Scott Snyder’s The Wake continues to be a strong book. Of all the great things going on in this book, the art is what stands out the most. This is a beautiful book with Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth delivering some of the best visuals on the stand. If you haven’t been keeping up with this so far, that’s ok, get the trade when it comes out. With Scott Snyder and these artists on the book, I don’t see any way that you can go wrong with it.

Here are two books that I was more than pleasantly surprised by: Jupiter’s Legacy and Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. Jupiter’s legacy is going to take my “Book of the Week” award this time around. As easy as it seems to dislike Mark Millar these days, you just can’t discount his writing. Sure, he is a cocky and arrogant guy, but he is a great writer and the proof is in the pudding. This month’s go around was the end to the first major movement in the story, and it was literally stunning. And love it or hate it, Frank Quitely’s art was stunning on many levels as well.

Speaking of the latter of my surprise books, Superior Team-Up was actually good this time around. We were introduced to a new hero while Spidey and the Mighty Avengers are battling Thanos’ army on earth. The thing that stood out for me most, though, was the art of Michael Del Mundo. Sure, the backgrounds were all washed out and the color pallet was odd to say the least, but still, there was just something about it that hit a chord with me. His way of drawing Spidey was smart and dynamic. The fact that he did pencils, inks, and colors is all the more impressive (even if that meant the backgrounds had to take a hit as a result).

This month’s offering of Guardians of the Galaxy, however,was more of a disappointment than anything else this week. While still a good read, it wasn’t on par with what we were reading thus far in the series. And the fact that Sara Pichelli wasn’t on the entire book was upsetting, though understandable.

I’ll leave things off with Matt Fraction’s new book, Sex Criminals. This guy is on fire. I’ll just say this, if he is writing a book, just buy it and read it. It’s that good.

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