Sex Criminals #1 Review

sexcriminals1_coverJudging the first issue in a brand new series is not easy. The plot isn’t completely fleshed out, we are just getting to know the characters, and we are completely fresh to the universe. With this in mind, Sex Criminals turned out to be a great read.

Matt Fraction has earned my respect as a writer, and not just because of Hawkeye. Satellite Sam, also published by Image, is a fantastic book that I can’t recommend enough. It proved to me that Fraction can deliver an adult themed book outside the realm of super heroes. His work in Sex Criminals continues on a similar line, albeit with a little mysticism thrown in for good measure.

Narrated by herself in a future time, this entry is primarily focused on a young girl, Suzie, discovering her sexuality during a time of darkness in her life. Her father was murdered and her mother chooses to drink her sorrows away leaving Suzie to figure these things out for herself. Discovering that time freezes for her whenever she climaxes, her naivety makes her believe that this is normal, at least until she is old enough to understand that this is not the case.

As an adult, Suzie realizes that she is not the only person with this special ability. Discovering a man that can do the same thing, they both realize that they can use this to their advantage. Think of it, have sex to freeze time, then do whatever you want; even if that means committing crimes. What we are seeing here is the beginning of a Bonnie and Clyde story of sorts, which is intriguing to say the least.

This is a book that I am looking forward to reading more of. The premise is intriguing and Fraction’s dialogue is as good as you would expect while the art fits in perfectly with the material. Keep an eye on this one.

Score: 8.6

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