Guardians of the Galaxy #6 Review

Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_Vol_3_6Action is the name of the game here. With the Guardians engaged in battle with Angela on Earth’s moon, we finally get to see what she is all about. Angela proves to be a formidable foe in this book, at least physically. Unfortunately, this issue struggles to give Angela a voice. We know that when she arrived at the end of Age of Ultron, she was pissed. And that attitude manifests itself throughout this issue. She is looking for a fight, and that is what she gets, but we almost don’t hear her say a single word, which I find odd.

Meanwhile, Star-Lord is still engaged in a discussion with Thanos as to why he is feeling the effects of the temporal rifts brought on by all of the time manipulation lately. If there is one thing I love about the Marvel universe at this point, it is how well the comics across the board tie in to each other in one way or another. The current Infinity event ties Thanos into this story partially as a consequence of the Age of Ultron event which introduced Angela into this series. And that is just the beginning. It’s actually pretty cool considering how much planning it would take to organize all of this.

One knock on this book is the fact that Sara Pichelli doesn’t pencil the entire book. Oddly enough, she does pages 1-2 and 9-20 while Olivier Coipel pencils 3-8. While Coipel is a good artist in his own right, the change between the two is abrupt and off putting. I am a huge fan of Pichelli on this series, so it is a shame that she wasn’t on the entire book.

All that said, this is a good read but not as good as what I have read so far in the series.

 Score: 7.5

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