Fall TV 2013

Sunday, August 11 2013 is the date TV fans are waiting for. The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad are upon us. I can’t say that I am disappointed that the series is going to

The Wake #3 Review

What can I say about this book? Scott Snyder is arguably the hottest writer out there now and any work outside of Batman that he does will be scrutinized with the best of them. That

Comic Reviews 7-31-13

Here is a rundown of my scores per each issue this week: Daredevil #29 – 8.4 Guardians of the Galaxy #5 – 8.7 The Wake #3 – 8.0 Uncanny X-Men #9 – 8.4 Batman Annual

Guardians of the Galaxy #5 Review

Sara Pichelli. What can I say. Her art is amazing. It’s clean, fun, detailed, and dynamic. Paired with Bendis, Guardians is quickly becoming one of the few books that immediately go to the “read first” section

Daredevil #29 Review

For the second issue in a row, recent Eisner Award winner, Chris Samnee, takes a back seat to the more than capable Javier Rodriguez.  Again, Rodriguez delivers in a style that is eerily close to

The Pull – 7-31-13

Here is my pull list for this week: Batman Annual #2 Injustice: Gods Among Us #7 The Wake #3 Guardians of The Galaxy # 5 Uncanny X-Men # 9 X-Men #3 Although I look forward

I don’t want to set the world on fire

NOTE: This is a blog I posted on IGN on March 29, 2012. Sometimes music in videogames can impact you more than you think.  It’s almost invariable that just about everyone, non gamers as well,