The Pull – 7-31-13


Here is my pull list for this week:

Batman Annual #2

Injustice: Gods Among Us #7

The Wake #3

Guardians of The Galaxy # 5

Uncanny X-Men # 9

X-Men #3

Although I look forward to Scott Snyder’s offerings this week, I find myself most looking forward to reading the new Guardians book.  Although I am thoroughly enjoying Brian Michael Bendis’s Uncanny run, I have been enjoying his light-hearted work on Guardians even more.

Regarding reviews, not all books on my pull will get the full treatment.  You should be getting, at the very least, a numerical score for each book with some receiving a full written review.  Also, I will be using IGN’s review scale for all reviews on the site.

Here I have my reviews from last week. Some have short blurbs of what I thought about each book:

Superior Spider Man #14 – 8.3 

Superior Spider Man has been one of my favorite books as of late.  This issue shows Ock Spidey with an Army of  “minions” or “lackeys” (can you even call them that? This Spidey is a hero…right?).  While the story in this issue moves along quickly, it sets up future arcs and story lines well.  One thing that I find hard to absorb in this book is the art of Humberto Ramos. Most of the time the art is brilliant. Other times the art is wonky to the point where I don’t even know which way is which when looking at Spider-Man; and not in a good way.

Lasarus #2 – 7.9

Good, but not great. This issue moved the story along nicely.  It introduced the father/family relationships and Forever’s origin. I didn’t find the book to be as compelling a read as last issues, but it still kept me interested in the story and invested in the characters.  Regarding the art, it seems like the artist doesn’t like to draw mouths that are anything but closed when they are talking.  This lessens the impact of the dialogue to me. To contrast this, I looked at Joe Mad’s art in the latest Savage Wolverine . The characters are more dynamic when talking. This is a small quibble maybe, but it did irk me a bit.

Hawkeye Annual #1 – 8.8

This is a really great story for the “other” Hawkeye.  The book is funny, it made me laugh, and the art was fun in a throwback kind of way.  Matt Fraction is a great moment to moment writer in context of the dialogue within the story. This book proves that, leaving me pining for more.  In the bigger scheme of things, this book, along with last issue, pieces the post-pizza dog story together rather nicely.

Batman SuperMan #2 – 9.5

Amazing. Wow. The art was simply gorgeous.  Stunningly beautiful in every way.  Jae Lee is becoming one of my favorite current artists. The dialogue, though seemingly sparse at times, was near perfect.  The story moved forward in ways that kept me wanting more. I loved this issue. It was exactly what I want when reading a comic book. And the ending panel? Wow.

Larfleeze #2 – 7.7

Savage Wolverine # 7 – 7.9

Superior Team Up #1 – 8.6


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