Guardians of the Galaxy #5 Review

guardiansreview5Sara Pichelli. What can I say. Her art is amazing. It’s clean, fun, detailed, and dynamic. Paired with Bendis, Guardians is quickly becoming one of the few books that immediately go to the “read first” section of the pull. From the beautiful opening splash at the beginning of the book to the brooding image on last page, we know we are in for a crazy ride.

As many were left scratching their heads after reading Age of Ultron, we are finally seeing the ramifications set up by Bendis come into fruition.  And what I see is exciting.  I was a fan of Age of Ultron, so it is nice to see things tie in to this already great run. We now get a glimpse of how Angela will play in to the Marvel Universe in addition to what havoc was caused by the continued abuse of the space-time continuum by earth’s inhabitants.  The wheels are in motion and a dynamo is on a crash course for earth with none other than Thanos front and center.

A highlight of the story was Rocket Racoon and his interactions with Tony Stark.  Both are funny, quip-ridden characters that seem to hit all the right funny points while remaining relevant.  Bendis is at his best in moments like these.

Guardians is a great read and this is the issue to pick up and come on board if you already haven’t.

Score: 8.7


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