Con Season – The Pull – 4-5-16

Con season is getting closer and closer. In fact, it’s already started in some cities. It’s usually this time of year that Kansas City hosts its own comic convention, Planet Comicon. However, the people who

Batman’s End – The Pull – 3-23-16

Another week is upon us and things are bitter sweet as we are so very close to seeing the end of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s fantastic run on Batman. Court of Owls and City

Digital Jump – The Pull – 3-16-16

I think I have finally made my decision to jump to digital. In some ways, this doesn’t make any sense. In others, it makes perfect sense. You see, my comic book shop offers a 10%

Tim-21 – The Pull – 3-7-16

This week I just want to hit on one subject real quick. Actually, that subject is a creator, Jeff Lemire. Descender #11 releases this week. I can’t recommend this title enough. Jeff Lemire has crafted a

BvS v Civil War – The Pull – 2-24-16

Just over the horizon are two huge, super-hero movies coming hot off the heels of the excellent Deadpool. Batman V Superman and Captain America: Civil War are those two films. DC’s film is out first,

Taking On Just Enough – The Pull – 2-17-16

Not too long ago, Matt Fraction was dominating. Not only did he have a runaway surprise hit in Hawkeye a few years back, he was prolific by adding independent titles such as Sex Criminals, Satellite

Jonesing for Jonesy – The Pull – 2-10-16

Whew! This has been a crazy week with some awesome surprises. Bendis and Pachelli’s Spider-Man #1 was fantastic. I can’t say enough about Sara Pachelli’s artwork. It is utterly fantastic. It’s super nice to see

The Pull – 2-3-16

This week, we have a lot of great books hitting the shelves. Among these books, here are the ones I’m most excited to read. With Len Wein back at the helm for this mini-series, Swamp Thing is

Old Man – The Pull – 1-27-16

Here we go, another week, another pull. But before I get to the list, I’d like to talk just a little about what came out a week ago. Last week’s comic books were amazing. Each