Comic Reviews – 10-9-13

batman24_5Here is my reviews rundown for this week:

Batman #24 – 9.5

Superman Wonder Woman #1 – 8.8

Star Wars #10 – 8.5

Walking Dead #115 – 8.6

Avengers A.I. #4 – 8.3

Infinity #4 – 8.8

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #4 – 6.9

X-Men #6 – 7.9

It seems like all we are reading these days are big events. For the most part, that is the case. On the Marvel side, we have Infinity and Battle of the Atom. With DC, we just wrapped up Trinity War and are in the middle of Zero Year with Batman (and yes, there are going to be books outside of the core Batman series that will have tie-ins). While many grow weary of being bombarded with these events and their tie-ins, I am actually really enjoying what is out now.

The first of these big events that I want to hit on is Battle of the Atom, which is probably my favorite event of the year so far. Brian Michael Bendis, the architect behind Battle of the Atom, is weaving together X-Men from multiple times in a story that is as epic as it sounds. The folks at Marvel are no strangers to making events based on messing with the space-time continuum. While some of these stories are convoluted messes, Bendis is hitting the perfect note with Battle of the Atom. How he is able to maintain a coherent story throughout multiple books with X-Men from three different eras is beyond me. But it works, so that is all that matters. Brian Wood’s involvement in the event so far is probably the weakest. Sure, Wood is a great writer and I have really enjoyed his current run of X-Men so far, but there is just something odd about the dialogue in these books that make it hard for me to read.

Moving on, we have the huge Infinity Event penned by Jonathan Hickman. I will admit, I haven’t been keeping up with Avengers at all since Marvel Now, so I am at a disadvantage when it comes to this story. And while jumping on with Infinity seems foolish, I have really been enjoying it. Everything about it screams space epic. And it has been one hell of a ride so far. Infinity #4 is amazing, from the art to the dialogue, it was a hit for me.

Next, we have my book of the week, Batman #24. I’ve said this before, I am not too high on Zero Year. While the art has been nothing short of phenomenal, the story just didn’t seem up to par with what I expect out of Scott Snyder. This issue fixes that for me. This installment was brilliant. I really  can’t add anything more to that. Read my review to find out why I loved it so much and why you probably do too.

Finally, Superman and Wonder Woman was great. Charles Soule has proven himself to me with his work on Swamp Thing. Seeing him take on Supes and the amazon excites me. Now I’m not going to spoil it, but the villain that was introduced here makes the wait for the next issue even harder. I can’t wait to read more. And between this book and Superman Unchained, I find this the superior Superman book, even just one issue in.

That’s all I got for this week. What were your favorite books?

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