Comic Reviews 8-7-13

superiorfoes2Here is a rundown of my comic reviews this week:

Movement #4 – 5.0

Swampthing #23 –  7.9

Satellite Sam #2 – 9.5 

Avengers A.I. #2 – 6.3

Superior Carnage #2 – 5.9

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2 – 8.7

Superior Spider-Man #15 – 8.5

For me, this week was split between great books and some pretty unenjoyable books.  The Movement #4 and Superior Carnage #2 in particular were a dread to read.  The Movement was an ok book leading up to this issue, but now it’s just bad, hard to read, and hard to look at.  My biggest disappointment of the week is Avengers A.I. #2.  The first issue was promising and a good read.  The second issue, however, was just ok.  It garnered a big “meh” from yours truly.

To balance things out, Satellite Same, Superior Spider-Man, and Superior Foes of Spider-Man were truly great books and worth every penny.

Superior Foes gets my “Comic Book of the Week”.  It was the most enjoyable, fun read I had in a while.  It made me laugh and it made me happy, which is what you need out of a comic book sometimes. Kudos to the team on that book.

Unfortunately, I have omissions for this week that I plan on reading: Trillium and Robocop.  I’ll be picking those up as soon as I get a chance.


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