Dog Days – The Pull – 7-22-15

669077_7016982f58bd5ddd938c31d216eb6f038d6a144eWell, this is a pretty weak pull for me this week, but hey, there’s good in that…I get to save some money in these dog days of summer. So here’s what I plan on picking up:

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #6

Injustice continues to be one of my favorite series across comics in general. It really doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the video game or not, this book is great in and of itself. This side pocket reality of the DC universe is, in many ways, more interesting than the new post-New 52 DCU. At first, many thought this series would end after its first twelve issue run, but quality has pushed the sales of this book far enough that it gets renewed year after year. If this series doesn’t end anytime soon, I’ll be a happy man. I can’t recommend Injustice enough.

Hawkeye #4

Though the legendary duo’s Hawkeye run of Matt Fraction and David Aja has come to an end, we are left with Jeff Lemire taking the helm of this character’s book. What can I say? Anything Lemire writes is going to be worth a read. Though different in tone than Fraction and Aja’s run, his take on the series has been excellent.

Old Man Logan #3

Old Man Logan is one of the better tie-ins to the excellent Secret Wars event. Brian Michael Bendis is completely killing it with this book and things are getting more interesting as we get further along with this series. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the stunningly beautiful art work of Andrea Sorrentino. You can literally take any page out of these books and frame it. It’s that good.

Uncanny X-Men #35

Speaking of Brian Michael Bendis, we are coming to a close with his run on Uncanny X-Men. I have to say that I’ve enjoyed this series more than most of the other X-books. Coming from the point of view of Cyclops, this book comes across as a redemption story for the character. After A v X, Cyclpops is a broken man on a quest to save the mutant race, at almost any cost. It’s sad to see Bendis leave the book, but I’m sure the end to this story will live up to the title’s previous span of storytelling.

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