Lazarus #6 Review

Lazarus_06-1Lazarus has begun its second arc and it starts things out in dramatic fashion. Instead of the main focus being solely on Forever Carlyle, we continue to see the story of the Barret family unfold. You see, the world that Lazarus take place in as oligarchical as you can get. The land is controlled by a few rich families and a serf system is strongly in place. Few of these serfs are lucky enough to forego a the slave-like conditions and are able to live on and tend to land owned by one of these families but with a high tax. The Barret family is one of those families.

This issue focuses on how dire the lives of these serfs are. In fact, it is clearly illustrated that life itself is a “day to day” affair where both water and food are rationed out with some not lucky enough to be able to get either consistently. We see what measures these unfortunate many perform in order to simply live. In many ways, this issue is heartbreaking.

Greg Rucka is putting together a book that is weaved in a deep tapestry of despair while keeping you engaged. By no means is this a book that you read to feel good. It is dark and it is unforgiving. It is also entertaining and worth the read.

I have stated this before, this is a project that both greg Rucka and Michael Lark are clearly passionate about and it shows.

Score: 8.5

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