Merry Christmas – The Pull – 12-23-15

680574_darth-vader-14Although the end of the year is nigh, we aren’t for a lack of comics. This week we are treated to some amazing books that are surely to impress beyond 2015.

TMNT has been completely solid since its reboot. If you are a child of the 80’s or early 90’s, this comic captures the essence of the Turtles but in the rose tinted glasses you deserve. This is what you want out of a Turtles book.

As we get closer to 2016, we get closer to another amazing year of Robert Kirkman. This guy is firing on all cylinders. The Walking Dead comic book is still as amazing as ever and the TV series has been phenomenal as of late. Kirkman not only has the second half of the Walking Dead season 6 coming in early 2016, he also has Outcast premiering on Cinemax. Outcast, out this week in comic format, has been amazing. It’s a scary story that is sure to send chills down your spine. This is one series that I am extremely happy is coming to TV.

Finally, I’d like to say how much I recommend each and every Star Wars book coming out now. All of them is quality, fun, and just plain beautiful. Even the annuals have been amazing! If I had to drop all series that I am currently reading and had to choose one, I’d have to go with Star Wars at this point. I understand that we are in the middle of Star Wars fever now, but that has nothing to do with the perceived quality of these books. Marvel has put their top talent on these titles and it shows. Read them.

There are a lot of other great books out this week. Here is my pull list:

Dark Knight III The Master Race #2

TMNT #53

Jupiter’s Circle Vol.2 #2

Outcast #14

Amazing Spider-Man #5

Astonishing Ant-Man #3

Darth Vader #14

Extraordinary X-Men #4

And that’s it for this week. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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