Satellite Sam #7 Review

jan140613Just when you think that this series was heading nowhere fast, an issue like this comes out and blows all of my expectations out of the water. Satellite Sam #7 is right up there with the first issue as being the best the series has to offer. I hope things from here on out stay just as great.

The thing about this series is that the character’s personalities and motivations change dramatically throughout the story. Take our main protagonist, Michael White for example. We see him evolve from a a shy and out of place son in the shadows of his father’s fame to a sex driven deviant trying to replicate his father’s own deviancy in an attempt to cope with said father’s deat. One can’t help but think that his father’s acts were spurred on by what he himself witnessed his own father do. Could the White family be in an endless circle of sexual promiscuity? At this point no one knows, but the tapestry that Matt Fraction is weaving is one that is starting to finally come together in an astonishingly lucid way considering how meandering previous issues have been.

I have stated before that I was unsure where this series was heading after such a tremendous start. I am happy to say that this issue rectifies all of my worries by delivering a great read that not only advances the plot tremendously, but is a quick and fun read that makes me want to come back. Top all of that off with Howard Chaykin’s art and you have a winner here.

Numerous story lines are being delivered to great effect, as we see flashbacks and short windows into the live’s of each personality featured in the series. This is a rich story that begs to be analyzed.

Still, much has yet to be told before this story ends, but given the turnaround that I have seen this issue, I am looking forward to reading more.

Score: 9.3

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