Satellite Sam #8 Review

SatelliteSam_08-1There’s something off about Satellite Sam, and at the same time there is something completely on about this series. Time and again, Matt Fraction seems to make me think that he is completely nuts and doesn’t have a clue as to what he is doing with this book just to turn around and prove me wrong. This guy has earned my trust as a writer.

This book is unlike any that I have read or am currently reading, so I can’t really think of any precedent as to which to compare. Let’s just say that this is one sophisticated book with mature themes that has the ability to put its hooks in you.

Month to month, this series shows itself as a great parallel to he highly serialized nature of early American television, which plays an integral part to this story. By the end of each book, you will find yourself on a cliff hanger akin to many of the aforementioned TV shows. There are so many twists and turns in the overarching plot that I have no clue as to who did what and why in this mystery entrenched story. This keeps me coming each month.

This issue in particular explores the origin story, so to speak, of a couple of our cast members that makes the entire tapestry that Fraction is weaving all the richer. Meanwhile, the original Satellite Sam himself finds his way back into the plot as his son uncovers more of his father’s dirty little secret.

The art of this book continues to be a high point as Howard Chaykin continues to impress with his highly pulp inspired art.

If there is anything negative about this book, it is that the dialogue from panel to panel is hard to read considering the lack of traditional word balloons. I understand that this is an artistic choice, but the fact of the matter is that this choice results in a harder to read book than it needs to be.

Score: 8.6

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