Star Wars Fever – The Pull – 12-2-15

674825_star-wars-13The holiday season is in full swing and the entertainment industry is giving us so many things to geek out about, especially when it comes to Star Wars. The Force Awakens is just around the corner and I can’t be more excited.  Battlefront has wet my appetite even more, that game is so much fun. And while I have really enjoyed all of Marvel’s new Star Wars books so far, I have to say that they have been getting even better. The new Vader Down tie-in is great so far and doesn’t really feel like a cheap way to get you to buy more books. When you look at it, most people out there who are reading the Star Wars books are more than likely already picking up the main title as well as Darth Vader. The only tie-in book is Vader Down #1 which was great. Maybe it’s just Star Wars fever taking over, but I honestly think these are the funnest books coming out now.

Marvel is continuing to kill things too. Doctor Strange has been rock solid as has Extraordinary X-men and Howard the Duck. Meanwhile, we have a quirky title in Vision that had a surprisingly good #1. I’m not sure how Vision will pan out, but I hope it becomes the sleeper hit that Superior Foes of Spider-Man was a couple years back.

Let’s keep the train rolling along with great books. Here is everything that I plan on picking up this week:

James Bond #2

Citizen Jack #2

Paper Girls #3

Plutona #3

Doctor Strange #3

Extraordinary X-Men #3

Howard the Duck #2

Invincible Iron Man #4

Miracleman #5

Star Wars #13

Vision #2

That’s all for now. Let me know what you plan on picking up in the comments.

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