Superior Foes of Spider-Man #17 Review

sep140844It’s all over. The story of the new Sinister Six (comprised of five people) is done and all I can say is that I am glad I went along for the ride. This is a special book that deserves a place on any comic book fan’s shelf. Who would have thought that a book about D-list villains in the Marvel Universe would have been so great? I guess when you have Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber on a title, you shouldn’t take what’s to come with a grain of salt. This team completely rocked this series.

As far as the story in this issue, not every loose end was tied up. But they really don’t have to be. Writing about this issue is hard without spoilers. What I can say is that this issue was fun, funny, exciting, and more importantly, satisfying. I am walking away from this series happy…and sad. Though the series ended on this high note, the fact that the book is done is heartbreaking considering how on-point this it’s been.

As is the book’s modus operandi, the story is told by Boomerang narrating over several scenes put together very much like what you would see in Ocean’s Eleven. There are so many things going on at the same time, so many back stabbings that it’s a wonder that anyone could keep up. But the fact that it isn’t hard to follow what’s going on is a testament to all the creators on the book. When it’s all said and done, just about everyone and everything is accounted for. The writing is clever, the art is spot on, and everything comes together perfectly.

If your’e a fan of heist stories or just good stories in general, pick this book up. I cannot recommend it enough. As a whole, I am glad that I read this story. It has surely been one of the best books I have read in a long time.

Score: 9.0

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