Superior Foes of Spider-Man #8 Review

3619512-08With an amazing run so far, it was simply inevitable that this series would hit a lull at some point. And that is exactly what this issue does…it hits a lull. With the first arc coming to an end, we are in a sort of nexus here, kind of an in-between state where our protagonist is at a crossroads and needs to figure out which way to go.

Don’t get me wrong though, Superior Foes #8 is a good read and has a few chuckles thrown in here and there. The story is still cleverly written with narration coming from our beloved (err…maybe?) Boomerang. Coming off of one of the most successful heists in recent history, Boomerang finds himself at a point lower than he could have imagined. “To the victor goes the spoils” is a saying that he wishes holds true as he just can’t seem to catch a break. Just when he thought he made all the right moves, he is foiled by the very hands that he manipulated to pull his heist off. Justly so.

Again, the humor is here. Watching an inept Shocker deal with feeding the head of Silvermane pizza is hilarious. What an oaf that guy is. And two concussion induced dream sequences in this book are entertaining and nonsensical; these are the highlights of the book. However, if you are expecting quality like the books that preceded it, you will be disappointed. Sure, a few key plot points exist in this book, but nothing goes on here that pushes the plot along as much as previous issues.

In the end, this issue may be a necessary read for those who have been reading, but as a single issue, it doesn’t hold up nearly as well as issues past.

Score: 7.3

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