The Pull – 12-18-13

saga-17-web-72Here is my pull list for the week of December 18th:

Saga #17

Daredevil #34

Superior Spider-Man #24

Uh Oh!! What happened?!?! Only three books this week? Hallelujah! I finally get to save a bit of money on a Wednesday as we get to the end of year mini-drought. This time of year I need to save as much money as I can and this week helps me tremendously.

Now I’ll admit, while Saga is on my Pull list, I am not caught up on it. I still need to read issues 14-16. I know, I know, this is one of the better books out there now and being behind is a sin. I’ll catch up. As a matter of fact, I’m looking forward to reading this over the holiday.

Daredevil and Superior this week are two books that I can’t wait to read. With All New Marvel Now approaching so quickly, I can’t wait to see where the current status quo leaves us in the next month.

Three books for me this week, folks. All I can say is “Wow”. What are you reading this week? Is your pull smaller than it has been lately? Let me know in the comments.



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