The Pull – 8-20-14

jun140584Last week was a jam packed week. One disappointment, Star Wars didn’t get shipped to my store. With the series coming to an end soon, it is too late for me to miss an issue. Here’s to hoping it’s there tomorrow. There’s always digital if that doesn’t work. Enogh complaining, though. Let’s look at last week’s bright spots.

The Batman filler issue #34 was amazingly good despite the Snyder/Capullo hiatus. It was a strong story worthy of the main Batman title that it lives in. Speaking of the Bats, Injustice is getting friggin crazy! Let me say just one word, Mogo. I think I’ve said enough. Pick this up from the beginning and have fun.

Well, let’s get into what I plan on picking up this week:

Trees #4

Daredevil #7

(Star Wars #20)

Annnnnnnnnnnd………..that’s it! Weeks like this come along about once a year for me. And it’s all good. I mean, can’t a guy’s wallet get a break every now and then? This also gives me a good chance to catch up on my backlogs. Pretty much, this is a welcomed week for me.

What are you planning on picking up? Since my week is so light, what should I get that I’m not currently reading? Let me know in the comments below!

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