The Walking Dead – 113 Review

1373290154“All Out War” is just beyond the horizon. Announced earlier this year, that storyline plans to ramp things up to two issues a month for 12 issues starting with issue 115. That left The Walking Dead fans with a few more “in limbo” issues  before the war to come. The obvious thing to think is that the issues leading up to the event were going to be nothing more than the calm before the storm.

Oh boy, is that the wrong thing to think. This issue is amazing. After leaving off with a failed assassination attempt on Negan, we find Rick and team in a bad place. Surrounded by Negan and his men, there is nowhere to hide. Not even for Andrea up in a bell tower, rifle in hand.

Though each issue lately only covers mere minutes of time within the story, there is so much going on here. We see Negan dealing with a helpless Rick threatening to kill his men and his son in front of him. All this after Carl shot at Negan only to miss and damaged the lovely Lucille. You wouldn’t believe how much Negan loves that bat. He has taken it to another level

Meanwhile, we see Andrea fighting for her life in the bell tower in an all out brawl. The action sequence in this particular set of scenes is nothing short of great. Even if you aren’t a fan of Charlie Adlard’s art as of late, he does a great job conveying the urgency of the situation. Otherwise, we continue to see Adlard’s art struggle to convey more detail due to him penciling and inking. Unfortunately, Adlard will not get much respite by giving up inking duties during All Out War because he will only be penciling. So don’t expect much change there.

We leave this issue in typical cliffhanger fashion, but with a twist. At this point, I have no clue who is going to be around for All Out War.  For all we know, Negan can die next issue. Maybe even Rick or Carl. Where this issue left us, who knows. If this is a sign of things to come, we are in for something epic.

Score: 9.0

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