Uncanny X-Men #13 Review

uncannyxmen13coverBattle of the Atom is quickly coming to a close. After this issue of Uncanny, all we have left is an issue of Wolverine & the X-Men and then the conclusion. Don’t let Bendis’ Age of Ultron fool you, what you see with this event is anything but slow. It started off fast and crazy, and this issue continues that tradition.

Right where we left off with X-Men #6, the Uncanny X-Men are at the Jean Grey School readying themselves for an attack on the future X-Men, who taken over the school themselves. Determined to send back the young X-Men to their proper time, the future X-Men enlist Charles Xavier’s grandson and  Ice Hulk to subdue the Uncanny team. In an epic fisticuffs, the young Xavier takes over the mind of Krakoa and forces him to swallow the Uncanny team. Sound familiar? Well, it should. Though we have seen this before, it is still awesome.

Meanwhile, an older Colossus and Illyana take on old Beast, old Jean Grey and their crew who are attempting to send back the young X-Men via the time cube, albeit unsuccessfully. The brawl inside is just as big and epic as the brawl taking place out in the yard. Bachalo’s art seems a little too hectic all around as a result. Figuring out what exactly is happening in certain panels is harder than I would have liked it to have been. In addition to this, Bachelo’s art truly is better when he colors it himself, which unfortunately isn’t the case here. Still, the art holds up well despite some shortcomings.

In the end, we are treated to an excellent chapter in this big crossover event. Not a single issue here has been bad. Brian Bendis is an amazing writer, and given the fact that he is on so many different books at the same time, it’s a wonder how he is able to weave such a coherent story out of such a messy set of puzzle pieces.

Score: 8.4

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