X-Men #4 Review

detail-1X-Men #4 is a good book. Writer Brian Wood is putting together another solid X-book in a Marvel whose X-books are among the best they have to offer.

In this issue, we are following through with the aftermath of the first three issue story arc involving the villain Sublime and his sister Akrea. At the end of the arc, de-facto leader, Storm, was forced to sacrifice Karima in an effort to put the threat of Akrea to rest. The fallout of the sacrifice is signified mainly by Rachel Grey’s disdain of the choice that Storm made to save the X-Men. The two are arguing with each other on the Blackbird while trying to save a passenger jet from the brink of crashing.

It is obvious that the rift between Storm and Rachel will be a key plot point moving on. The splintering of this group of X-Men seems inevitable.

Meanwhile, we see Wolverine and Jubilee visiting Jubilee’s old stomping grounds in southern California. The two are having an issue long heart to heart that shows a rare softer side of Logan. He ends up buying Jube’s childhood home for her out of pure kindness. This is something that I am not used to. Now I’m not saying that this is bad. I like it. This is a good change of pace. Wolvie obviously has a soft spot for Jubilee.

The action sequences on the Blackbird-passenger jet rescue mission were fun. Artist David Lopez does a good job conveying the action in an exciting way. It is unfortunate, though, that we didn’t get to see the end of the rescue. We are left not knowing what happened in typical cliffhanger fashion; as to be expected.

This was a good issue and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit although it does seem like a buffer between bigger arcs.

Score: 7.9

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