Age of Ultron – The Pull – 5-6-15

zelda_link_to_the_past_graphic_novelWarning! Minor Age of Ultron Spoilers below.

Last week the US saw the release of Age of Ultron. I thought the movie was great and can’t wait to watch it again. Here are my initial impressions bulleted out:

-The movie was funny throughout, at times rivaling the amazing humor of Guardians of the Galaxy.

-Ultron’s character development felt a bit rushed, though in the end, the antagonist was great.

-Hawkeye has redeemed himself after a disappointing outing in the first Avengers movie.

-The beginnings of Captain America: Civil War are taking root.

-Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Vision are awesome additions to the MCU.

-The movie was simply fun.

Age of Ultron did not disappoint. At least for me it didn’t. If there was one major quibble I had, it was the fact that the theater that I saw the movie in only offered it in 3D. I’m certainly not a detractor of 3D in general, but I just didn’t want to see the movie that way. When it was all said and done, there was nothing in the movie that stood out to me as amazing due to the fact that it was presented in 3D. More so than not, I was simply distracted by the glasses more than anything. Oh well.

Coming off of the dark and brooding Daredevil Netflix series (which is awesome, by the way) it was nice to see a more lighthearted film in the MCU. Though not quite as fun and funny as Guardian’s of the Galaxy, Ultron held its own. Both myself and the rest of the attendees in the theater were laughing on multiple occasions. The running joke about Captain America’s “Language!” quip was great. And while previews depicted Ultron as a dark and disturbed character, he didn’t come off as what you would have expected. Though he was a formidable and scary nemesis, his father’s (Tony Stark) personality shone through.

This movie, though close to two and a half hours long, didn’t seem long enough when you consider how rushed Ultron’s character development seemed. The way that Ultron came to the conclusion that humans needed to be wiped out came and went so quick that if you stepped out to the restroom for a minute you could have missed it.

Moving on, the new characters introduced turned out way better than I expected. Both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch turned out to be great additions to the movie without seeming tacked on just for the hell of it. And coming off of Quicksilver’s amazing display in Fox’s Days of Future Past, this movie had a lot to live up to. We didn’t get anything nearly as awesome as DOTFP, but you can’t just copy that without copping out.

Ultimately, this was a fantastic comic book film that I am glad to have seen and will definitely watch again.

While Ultron was great, there is still a lot to look forward to in the way of comics this week. I have to give an honorable mention to  the Zelda: A Link to the Past graphic novel that came out on Tuesday. I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of the series. Though it is a quick read, the art is beautiful and warrants multiple readings. Here is what I plan on picking up on Wednesday:

Arcadia #1

Descender #3

Jupiter’s Circle #2

Amazing Spider-Man #18

Ant-Man #5

Secret Wars #1


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