Are Reboots a Cash-In? – The Pull – 4-1-15

4267875-newconvergence+#0cover_finalConvergence kicks off this week with issue #0 and so begins DC’s major reboot of 2015. As I stated last week, the comic book industry seems to be in a cyclical state, finding ways to either kill off, completely alter, or simply reboot titles. The comic book industry is a business. Businesses’ goals are to earn a profit, to make money.

While it would be reductive to say that these reboots are simply a cash-in to gain more money in the short-term, there does exist creative and artistic decisions behind them. Sure, when it all comes down to the brass tax, these tie-ins, reboots, and re-numberings are a way to earn more money. This doesn’t mean, though, that we should just brush them off aside and ignore them simply because of that. What comes out of them can be groundbreaking, beautiful, and sometimes masterful. The creators behind these books are artists after all. And as an artist, you are just about always inspired to put out the best work you can. I know I do.

I’m looking forward to Convergence. While this may not be as big as The New 52, it may be better. Who knows? And that is the beauty of this industry. Much like video games, although these forms of art are made to make money, (sure, there are many exceptions out there) in the end we as consumers of these mediums get to benefit from the creators’ output.

Convergence #0

Dying and the Dead #2

Amazing Spider-Man #17

Cyclops #12

Last month’s Dying and the Dead was fantastic. Jonathan Hickman is no stranger to putting out complicated, detailed, and…strange books. This is one of them. And the first issue did not disappoint, I mean when you lifted that giant book up you would have thought that it cost at least $5-$6. Your bang for your buck could probably not have been better than this at $3.50. With the story beginning as great as it did with #1, I can’t say there is another book coming out this week that I’m more looking forward to read than this.

Finally, I’d like to end on Cyclops. This series started out fantastic with Greg Rucka and didn’t falter after his departure. Despite this title ending in the coming months, I would still say that this is a great read and totally worth your time whether you decide to read it through Marvel Unlimited or buy its respective trades.

That’s all I have for this week. Small pull but I have one hell of a backlog to catch up on! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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