Too Much Entertainment? – The Pull – 4-8-15

detailThis week in addition to all the of the comic books coming out, we are simply inundated with a plethora of spectacular entertainment options. Just think about it for a second. We saw the season finale of Better Call Saul, which is just as good, if not better than Breaking bad. We saw baseball’s opening day (which definitely has a good cross-section with comic book fans). We will be seeing Netflix’s Daredevil series premier and we have a new season of Game of Thrones starting on Sunday night. All of this and I haven’t even mentioned video games. I already know I will be picking up Xenoblade Chornicles on my 3DS which is sure to take up days of my life.

With all of these entertainment options literally at our fingertips, is it even possible to consume it all (or at least all that you want to consume) and still hold a full time job? Add a family and/or significant other and you have some choices to make. What do you do? Do you multitask; watch TV while reading a comic book or play on your mobile device? Do you drag it out and consume one thing at a time at the risk of being behind the curve when it comes to shows like Game of Thrones and Daredevil? Do you totally neglect something until you have time later on down the line to get to it?

Sure, this is quite literally the definition of a first world problem. But for many of us, this is a problem that we are lucky to have. In the end, how you manage your time is up to you. I for one, am glad to have this vast array of entertainment options that are right up my alley right there for me to consume. Who would of thought that video games and comic book movies would be so popular in the early 1980s? These things are so ubiquitous to us today that we seem to forget that there was actually a time when video games seemed like they were a mere fad that would die off as quick as disco music and comic book movies were a worn out genre that suffered due to “sequelitis”. It is great to be a geek these days. It has totally paid off as the mainstream is blending with geekdome as fast as Groot has become a household name.

Let’s all remember that we are lucky to have this “problem”. If anything, I will come out of all of this with one hell of an amazing backlog to pick through for years to come.

Here is what I plan on picking up this week:

Robocop #10

Convergence #1

Descender #2

Jupiter’s Circle #1

ODY-C #4

Walking Dead #140

All New Hawkeye #2

Ant-Man #4

Darth Vader #4

Howard the Duck #2

Rebels #1

This week I have quite the array of eclectic books. Let’s talk about our indies. I am a huge Robocop fan. I have always been since my father mistakenly took me and my brother to see the movie at the theater when we were but wee lads. That movie is hardcore and is still one of my all-time favorites. I have been yearning for an awesome comic book of the metal hero and this current run is as close as I have gotten in a long time. Check it out if you’re a fan. If you’re not, well, watch the movie so it could change your mind.

Descender is a book that I still have yet to read. I’m still digging out of my comic backlog (I should be done tonight so I can have a fresh start tomorrow!) so I’m sure that when I hit this book, I won’t be disappointed. Jeff Lemire is one of my favorite creators so I can’t wait to dig my teeth into this series.

Jupiter’s Circle is another indie title by Mark Millar that I am excited to read. Love him or hate him, this guy can write one hell of a story. Jupiter’s Legacy was no exception. That book, out this week in trade, is simply amazing. Based off of Jupiter’s Legacy alone, Jupiter’s Circle is as close to a lock as I can get.

Finally, I’d like to talk about Matt Fraction’s ODY-C, a book that I really just don’t get. Hear me out. Matt Fraction is one of the hottest comic creators out now. His Hawkeye run was truly his coming out, his mainstream hit. That book was amazing. Now his foray into the indie scene has proven to be just as successful. Sex Criminals is a runaway hit. Satellite Sam, though not as popular as Sex Criminals, is definitely worth the read. ODY-C, however, seems to be biting off more than it can chew. A new re-telling of the ancient Greek classic is always welcome, especially from Mr.Fraction. But this? I just don’t know; I respect the concept which stars an all female cast, but the telling of this story is just spotty and sporadic. The way the dialogue, or prose is written attempts to replicate the original’s iambic pentameter but seems to fail. More so than not, I feel like Fraction’s attempt to fit within these restraints hinders the story. Try giving it a read and you will know what I am talking about. The art holds strong as it is beautifully colored and portrays each scene very nicely. I’m on board now, but there’s no telling how I’ll feel about this story when it is all said and done.

Well that’s all I have for now. Let me know what you think in the comments!


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