Daredevil #33 Review

3453876-33Reading this issue of Daredevil, I couldn’t help but be reminded that I am reading a classic in the making. And despite Chris Samnee’s unfortunate absence from the art duties this issue, you are in for an artistic treat that won’t disappoint.

Both of our storytellers, Waid and Samnee, continue to deliver a very un-Daredevil story that is fun, clever, thrilling, and chilling. Sure, the concept of a veritable “monster mash” in the middle of a Daredevil story is funny when you think about it, but the fact of the matter is that it works and it is a pleasure to read.

Jason Copland’s art is unique in its own while retaining essences of Samnee’s art that makes it fit in just as good as you can ask for. One unfortunate thing about the issue rears its dirty head towards the end of the book as the ever so capable Joe Caramagna leaves a typo that is noticeable.

Still, the book continues to run on all cylinders as we get close to the end of this spectacular run. Don’t miss it.

Score: 9.0

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