Digital or Physical? – The Pull – 6-10-15

667489_4971369ecedecc10cffe11f0cc4679ac451690b2Well well, I have a pretty big week and there is only one Marvel book in my pull! Wow. As I was going through this week’s list of books, I was getting giddy at the fact that I could have one of those rare weeks sans Marvel. But alas! The amazing and highly, highly recommended Silver Surfer is coming out this week. This has to be one of my favorite books in the past few years. If you’re not on this one, by all means, do yourself a favor and start reading it ASAP.

Here is my list of books for this wonderful week:

Robocop #12

Rebels #3

Batman #41

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #3

Chrononauts #4

Descender #4

Injection #2

Walking Dead #142

Silver Surfer #12

What is too bad is the fact that I somehow missed Rebels #2. I hope my store has an extra copy. If not, this title will have to go to my digital collection which I have been hesitant to do. Which brings up a conundrum. I am a collector at heart, buying digital is super convenient and actually more practical in terms of physical space. I mean, I can only have so many long boxes in my guest bedroom before things start looking ridiculous. At the same time, I love having a library of comic books to pull from whenever I want. And when my son is old enough to read these books, I think he’ll be happy that his father collected them.

I do realize that more and more, comic books aren’t really as valued as they used to be. I am not collecting for value, though. I collect for the reasons I stated above. At the same time, going completely digital is looking more and more attractive to me. Having Marvel Unlimited at my fingertips is one of my favorite things. It is so much easier to take my iPad to the pool and read a few comics than to take a few loose issues and having to deal with them flying off in the wind.

And then there is the question of whether you really own digital issues or not. What happens when Comixology goes the way of the dodo? Will you still have access to all of the comics you bought when their servers go down? The same thing applies to video games as well as any other digital media. That kind of scares me.

I don’t know. Perhaps I will  dabble with a few titles here and there and make my choice further down the road. This is just food for thought. Many have made the leap to go 100% digital and haven’t looked back. It’s that first step I have to take. When and if I do, I’ll let you know how it goes.

What do you think? Are you all digital, all physical, or a combination of the two? Let me know in the comments!

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