Jock – The Pull – 9-9-15

671411_7c25a7b033e6f4256a7cb5cfb35d70d820b6ce71Here is my pull list for this wonderful week:

Rebels #6

Brian Wood’s Revolutionary War tale continues to be a solid story. You can definitely tell that he has a passion for American History. Whether you’re a history buff or not, this is a great story that you shouldn’t miss.

Batman #44

It’s usually a sad month when Greg Capullo is not on pencils. However, what better artist could you ask for than Jock? Jock has a great history with Scott Snyder as the duo is tag teaming Wytches published by Image. This is going to be one pretty book.

Injection #5

Jeff Lemire’s Injection is strange to say the least. I’m not sure how I feel about this book yet. I’m still going to give it a chance, though. Jeff Lemire barely does anything wrong.

Walking Dead #146

What is Rick going to do amidst the horror that befell his clan? War? Peace? No one knows, not even Rick himself. With All Out War ending not too long ago, we know Rick and clan are battle weary, but with what just happened, how could they just sit back and do nothing?

Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #5

While Secret Wars continues to drag on (and get delayed) we are luckily graced with this awesome tale penned by the famous Spidey-scribe Dan Slott. This book is heating up and should definitely be on any Spidey-fan’s pull list.

Darth Vader #9

Oh Star Wars. Pretty much all of Marvel’s Star Wars titles have been a home run. Vader is no exception. This is the perfect companion book to the mainline Star Wars title.

Journey to Star Wars the Force Awakens Shattered Empire #1

Speaking of Star Wars, we are reaching critical mass with Force Friday just passing and Force Awakens on the horizon. What better way to prep yourself for the upcoming movie then reading a direct tie-in? And don’t forget that Greg Rucka is writing the book. Yeah, sign me up please.

Planet Hulk #5

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I am a huge Sam Humphries fan. Have been ever since reading the tragically underrated Avengers A.I.. Planet Hulk is no exception. This is a crazy fun title featuring Steve Rogers and his pet T-Rex. How awesome is that?

That’s it for this week!


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