Miracleman – The Pull – 9-16-15

671631_06610112f9d77b5d6b169efbe51d70830cc7dfc1Here is what I plan on picking up this week:

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #10

Things are getting crazier and crazier with this series as more and more heroes and villains are dying and more and more new heroes and villains are entering the fray. It’s hard to imagine this series going on for much longer considering the craziness that has gone down lately, but this is one hell of a great ride, nonetheless.

Fade Out #9

Fade Out is as good of a Rick Remender noir as there is. This is a series that I can’t recommend enough if you are a fan of the genre. Where more and more, comic books (indies in particular) are written with movie treatments in mind, this is one that seems like it would be at home on the big screen.

ODY-C #7

This is another Matt Fraction month with both ODY-C amd Sex Criminals out this week. ODY-C is clearly the weaker of the two books in my opinion. Fraction’s take on retelling Homer’s Oddysey falls flat as he fumbles along attempting to write in iambic pentameter. The story itself is extremely hard to follow as a result. Still, I’m in this one until the end.

Sex Criminals #12

Whereas ODY-C is hard to follow and not much entertaining, Sex Criminals is fun, sexy, and an overall great read. This is Fraction and Chip Zdarsky at their best. If you’re a fan of a funny adult book, this one is for you.

Tokyo Ghost #1

There probably isn’t a book I’m more looking forward to reading that Tokyo Ghost. With the allstar cast of Rick Remender and Sean Murphy, where can you go wrong? If there is any book to put in your pull list, this is the one; it’s as much of a no-brainer as there is.

All New Hawkeye #5

Jeff Lemire is one of my favorite creators today. He is pretty much peaking now as he seems to be putting out books for just about every other major publisher. His return to Marvel has been great and it shows with Hawkeye. Following up Matt Fraction and David Aja’s epic Hawkeye run would prove to be a tough task that Lemire has more than lived up to.

Captain America White #1

Jeff Loen and tim Sale are putting out another one of their legendary “color” books. Spider-Man Blue was amazing. I have high hopes for this book.

Miracleman #2

Reading Miracleman #1 for the first time a couple weeks ago was a revalation for me. I am 100% on board with this book. I finally understand what the hype was all about with this book

Star Wars #9

Star Wars is on just about everybody’s mind these days. This mainline Star Wars book is, simply put, amazing. If you like Star Wars in any way, you will enjoy this series.

Star Wars Lando #4

Charles Soule has proven himself in the comic book medium over the past few years. Of all the books that I have read of his, including Swamp Thing and She-Hulk, Lando is by far and away my favorite just four issues in. This might even be the best Star Wars title there is out now. No joke!

That’s all I have for this week!


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