Lazarus # 5 Review

Lazarus_05-1The world that Lazarus takes place in is bleak and unforgiving. It is really hard to find a likable character in this oligarchical mythology. Still, Forever, our protagonist and Lazarus of the Carlyle clan, is the one portion of respite in this godforsaken world.

As we move on from witnessing Johanna’s betrayal of her brother and her family, some light is shed upon Forever’s origin story in this issue; how she came to be a Lazarus. It’s actually very revealing how twisted the prospective Lazarus are treated by their so called families in this world. Again, I will reiterate the point, it is truly hard to find a likable character here other than our conflicted protagonist as Forever’s father treats his young daughter in such an ugly manner. And with mysterious texts appearing on her phone stating that her family is not really hers, I am excited to see if she will eventually snap and turn loose on the Carlyle clan.

All this is not a bad thing, however. Actually, the world, though despotic and twisted in its own right, is compromised of a rich tapestry spanning decades. The fact that I feel like I have known this world for such a long time shows that our creators are doing a wonderful job.

Greg Rucka and Michael Lark are giving us a treat here as we continue to see a story delivered by two people who are so obviously passionate about the subject matter.

So far, Lazarus is a must read.

Score: 8.9

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