Satellite Sam #5 Review

SatelliteSam_05-1Satellite Sam is the kind of series that can only be judged as a whole. But as of now, we’re given yet another granular bit of story that seems so out of context on its own that I can’t recommend anyone pick this issue up, especially if you haven’t been on board since the beginning. And even if you were on board from the get go, you might find yourself scratching your head at the end of this issue just like I did.

The series literally started off with a bang. Everything about this book, in its seedy and smoke-filled post WWII setting, was intriguing from the get go. Hell, it still is. Sex, violence, and alcohol pervade the series more than you can imagine. This is truly an adult story that may take a bit of time and commitment to fully get into.

As more and more layers of the preverbal onion are peeled back through this story, I am continuing to be left baffled as to what exactly is going on and why here. And this is not a bad thing per se, it’s just the fact that I think this series is worth waiting for the trade when that eventually comes out to reap all of its benefits.

The brightest spot of this issue, though , continues to be Howard Chaykin’s amazing art. This man is an artist that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

Long story short, I’m not sure how this story will ultimately pan out; it may be amazing, it may be flop. As of now, however, all we can go on is what we have now. My advice? Wait for the trade.

Score: 7.2

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