Livin’s Easy – The Pull – 5-27-15

maaaadAhh…summertime is hear, and of course, the living is easy. I just got myself a hammock for my back yard, my pool just opened, and I am ready to live the good summer life. And all of this with some amazing comic book events that I am more than excited to intake.

Summertime kicked off with a bang with Age of Ultron. Then, all of a sudden, Mad Max comes out of nowhere and blows everyone away. Though not comic book related, this movie feels like a comic book come to life (there is a miniseries coming out based off of Fury Road, though, so check that out). If you haven’t seen it movie, get yourself to the theater right away and feast your eyes on beauty. Thank me later.

Next up we have the Ant-Man movie which I hope is a surprise hit along the lines of Guardians of the Galaxy and even Mad Max. Marvel is doing things right so I expect greatness there.

So the living is easy and so is this small pull I have for myself:

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #2

TMNT #46

Outcast #9

All New Hawkeye #3

Old Man Logan #1

Old Man Logan was completely off my radar. After Charle’s Soule’s Death of Wolverine story, I was left empty and disappointed. With Brian Michael Bendis on this book, I am more than looking forward to seeing one of my favorite heroes come back, and with this story taking place in Battle World, just bring it on.

Another book I am excited to read is All New Hawkeye. Come on, Jeff Lemire is writing a Hawkeye book, what can be better than that? The first two issues were solid in story and art, so get on it before you regret it.

That’s all I have for this week. Not too much to talk about. What are you planning on picking up this week?


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