Secret Wars – The Pull – 5-20-15

Secret_Wars_Vol_1_3_Textless_(plus_title)We are getting really close to the year’s halfway point. Flowers have blossomed, grass is green, and pools are a weekend away from opening. Life is good now. And to make things better, we are amidst two major, universe-altering events from both Marvel and DC.

Today, I have a few words to say about Marvel’s Secret Wars. Man is this event awesome! If anything has felt like a huge event, this is it. This series definitely has the weight of a Civil War or Avengers Vs. X-Men. You can already feel the ramifications. Jonathan Hickman is telling one damn fun story with art that is as good as it gets. Esad Ribic is completely pulling this off with his stunning, detailed, and masterful pencils. If anything, the visuals are worth the pricey ticket alone. But that is simply not the case as the story is fantastic. While issue #1 started things off with a literal bang, issue number two sets up Battle World in a way that will leave you chomping at the bits. Dr.Doom gets all the respect he deserves; if you’ve read this second issue, you know what I am talking about.

To top off all of the greatness that Secret Wars brings, you have to be happy that we are getting a new entry each week instead of having to have it drawn out monthly. Each Wednesday is like Christmas. I can’t wait to get home and consume amazingness.

If you have been on the fence on whether to invest in this event or not, let me go ahead and push you over. Read it. Enjoy it. We will all be feeling the ramifications of this event for years to come. Don’t be the one that wishes they didn’t let this one slip by.

So other than Secret Wars, here is what I plan on picking up this Wednesday:

Kitchen #7

Fade Out #6

Kaptara #2

Satellite Sam #14

Trees #9

Wytches #6

Guardians of the Galaxy #27

Planet Hulk #1

Secret Wars Battle World #1

Star Wars #5

Uncanny X-Men #34

It’s going to be an expensive week…Let me know what you plan on picking up!

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