Mighty Avengers #3 Review

Mighty_Avengers_Vol_2_3Things are looking up for the Mighty Avengers book as it has finally begun to make peace with what it is and what it is trying to be.

Our ad-hoc set of former Avengers have come together amidst the Thanos invasion spurred on by the Infinity event currently under way. Led by Luke Cage, this ragtag set of heroes are the Earth’s last line of defense. What we get with this issue is one hell of a brawl between our heroes and Shima-Gorath, a giant, one-eyed tentacle monster brought to our reality through an Ebony Maw controlled Dr.Strange. While this seems like a mouthful, it works.

While as a whole this book works, it is when you drill down into the dialogue where you can truly see its hit or miss stylings. Al Ewing, the books writer, has struggled to find an identity for this book. Is he trying to be funny or serious? It’s hard to tell at times. This issue airs more along the serious side but the ham-fisted and forced dialogue of our heroes can be overbearing at times while I read too many fake curse words “$%$!” than I would care to read.

Still, this book is shaping up to be a decent read although I am struggling to think that it will last more than 10 issues. At this point, though, I would be willing to give it a chance.

Score: 7.9

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