Satellite Sam #3 Review

STK619117I haven’t been coy about the fact that I love this series. Of all the comic books that I am currently reading, this is the most mature and grounded one of them all.

Reading this book is more akin to watching a movie take place than it is a comic book. It is every bit as artsy as you would expect out of an independent film. Matt Fraction continues to deliver a great story, even if it makes me feel like we may be slowly prodding along.

Which brings me to my main quibble with this issue: although we are moving along at a decent pace, it just feels like things are slowing down this issue. That’s not to say that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy what I read. The plot so far is intriguing enough. We saw Michael White’s famous Dad murdered in the first issue. We then move on with him trying to cope with not only his father’s death, but the fact that his father had some pretty kinky secrets that any child wouldn’t want to know about their father.

You see, not only was Michael’s father found dead in his apartment, the apartment was littered with promiscuous photos of countless women, including his famous co-star Kara Kelly whom we see Michael converse with throughout the entire issue. We learned how Michael’s father was able to take such pictures and have his way sexually with her.

Meanwhile, we see the LeMonde Television Network president, Joseph Ginsberg and his wife in a rather, ummm, awkward scene that felt like it came straight out of a dirty drama itself.

While the dialogue was on par with what we have read so far, I still stand by my complaint that the lettering in the series isn’t easy on the eyes. It continues to be more of a chore to figure out who is saying what than I would like it to be.

Finally, the art, while wonderful, does not seem to be quite as good as the past two issues. Howard Chaykin’s art still holds up, however. Here is to hoping that the series continues to be this good and keeps course. It is just the perfect adult book to keep me grounded in a world of superheroes.

Score: 8.4

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