Trillium #2 Review

TRILL_Cv2_sbrp3w86kt_Ok. This issue of Trillium is amazing, just like the first. Jeff Lemire is an amazing artist and an amazing writer. His way of storytelling in this book is spectacular. Is that enough praise for this book so far? Maybe so, but I won’t stop.

Let’s just begin with the obvious. The art of this book is something to behold. The fact that Lemire does all of it himself makes it even more so. The style captures every part of what this book intends to be. It is quirky, it is somewhat scary, and it is mysterious. What it is is a breath of fresh air; from the beautiful lines to the whimsical colors, it hits you in all the right places.

In the mean time, Jeff Lemire delivers a story that is begs to be read. Put it this way, I was reading and turning the pages so fast that it was a shame to miss out on that wonderful art. I just wanted to know what was going to happen next. Of course I did go back to feast my eyes on the pictures, but that is just a testament to how great this book is written.

We left off with both protagonists meeting each other on earth in the 1920’s. Nika, our protagonist from the future, is completely lost and doesn’t realize when and where she is. And William, our British protagonist from the past, just escaped death to find Nika near a temple in the jungle. In a clever twist, the two don’t understand each other due to the thousands of years worth of change in dialect (one could presume English, but at this point, who knows). Their languages are literally alien to each other while being close enough to bear at least some kind of resemblance.

Lemire’s way of handling the dialogue in this way is brilliant and entertaining. Where we see William’s speech balloons portray English while Nika’s words are blank in some scenes, we see it switch in others. Both have no clue what the other is saying and it makes for some fun scenes.

Where we go and end up is anybody’s guess. I am just glad this book exists. Vertigo is on to something here. With this, The Wake, and American Vampire, I like what I am seeing. And the fact that these series are limited is even better. In a world of endless serials, it is nice to see things come to and end every now and then.

Score: 9.4


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